The guidelines used to select the "Most Outstanding New Member" were:

  • An Active member that has been a member for at least one full year but not more than three years. 
  • A member that has displayed “Service Above Self” by participating in multiple service projects.
  • A member that has participated in club social events.
  • A member that has attended District events.
  • A member that has shown outstanding leadership qualities.

The winners of this award have been:

                            2013-2014 - Kristofer Orth

                            2014-2015 - Stacey Koeppen

                            2015-2016 - Abbi Rickelman

                            2016-2017 - Ryan Bach

                            2017-2018 - Jacquelyn Duke

                            2018-2019 - Renee Murphy

                            2019-2020 - Juan Arias