Todd Wehr received the following note from Carole Chambers, Director of Marketing Strategies and Community Partnerships for Youth Emergencies Services and Shelter in Des Moines:
"I found out from Joe Sorensen this morning that your Rotary Club in Ankeny is supporting YESS with a big contribution to our Don’t Duck-Out campaign.  This was awesome news and we thank you all for your generous donation of $1,000.  Please carry back to your organization our gratitude for your generosity of heart!

When YESS had to cancel our annual Duck Derby this  month, which is our largest annual fund raising event, we added an immediate negative impact of more than $200,000 to our bottom line.  It’s a devastating blow.  So we launched the Don’t Duck-Out campaign in an effort to try to recap some of the expenses we had already incurred for the derby and try to lessen the pain of the bottom line impact.  Last week, EquiTrust Life stepped up to help us fund a TV campaign for this initiative which has resulted in a great return on that investment with multiple donations ranging from $5 to more than $1,000.  It’s been amazing!

We’d love to challenge other Rotary Clubs to follow suite."

And Nate Burnham received the following from Carole:

"Rotary Club of Ankeny is Awesome!  Your gift of $1,000 is HUGE and will go a very long way in helping us keep Iowa's most vulnerable kids safe from abuse, neglect, trafficking and drugs.  Please send our deep gratitude to every member in your chapter."