Jim Ramsey, the Rotary Club of Ankeny's 2017-2018 "Rotarian of the Year", had the honor of introducing the "2018-2019 Rotarians of the Year" at the club's annual meeting on June 25th.  In past years, the club has usually recognized only one member for their outstanding contribution to the club as the Rotarian of the Year.   For this year, the club decided to recognize the co-chairs for the 2019 fundraiser, Laura Luetje and Stacey Koeppen, for the overwhelming success of this event.  Not only was there nearly twice the number of guests in attendance as in previous years, but the event generated over $72,000 in net income for the club to distribute within the community to other non-profit organizations and service projects.  This was also more than twice the amount generated in previous years.    Congratulations Laura and Stacey!