Nathan Porter the General Manager for Ankeny Golf & Country Club has provided us with an update on their sewer project.  The asbestos removal began on January 21st and most of the floor tiles have been removed from the ballroom, ladies locker room, and front entry.  They will prepare the space for the asbestos removal and hope to be done by Jan 26th.  After this is completed they need to have concrete poured throughout the clubhouse to fill the trenching that was cut for the new sewer pipes.  When this is completed flooring will be installed in the bar, ballroom, entryway, and the ladies locker room.  Here is the current timeline for the project:
Jan. 21st - Start asbestos mitigation (Had to wait 10 days due to regulations.)
Jan 25th - Asbestos mitigation finished.
Jan. 28-30 - Pour concrete and let cure
Jan 31st - Start installation of carpet and ball room flooring
Feb 4th - 8th - Finish flooring installation and clean building
Feb 9th - 12th - Open Clubhouse
Rotary will likely need to continue to meet off site until the meeting on February 19th.  We are asked to please not go to the clubhouse while it is closed.  You will not be able to enter the building and there are safety concerns if you do.