"One of the special obligations of membership in Rotary is regular attendance at the weekly meeting; it is the basic method of fulfilling the principle of fellowship as well as a way of representing your vocation". 
No member is expected actually be in attendance every week but there are numerous ways of completing a make-up such as attending the meeting of another Rotary club, attending a Board meeting or Friday morning coffee, participating in a club sponsored service project or social event or  completing an on-line make-up.   During the 2018-2019 Rotary year, the member of the Rotary Club of Ankeny completed 553 make-ups.   This enabled twenty-six members to be recognized during the annual meeting for achieving perfect attendance during the past year.  They were:
     1-Year - Todd Eipperle & Stacey Koeppen
     2-Year - Jacquelyn Duke
     4-Years - Carmen Davis & Ben Digmann
     5-Years - Rich Job
     6-Years - Tim Cox, Kristofer Orth & Steve Wieneke
     7-Years - Jim Ramsey, Steve SchraderBachar & Todd Wehr
     8-Years - Damon Miller
     9-Years - Kathy Sibbel
   10-Years - Doug Beech, Mary Cochran, & Tim Hawkins
   11-Years - Sally Schroeder
   13-Years - Dave Mercer
   14-Years - Pat Timmons
   15-Years - Nate Burnham & Tom Friedman
   20-Years - Gary Welch
   23-Years - Jim Gocke
   29-Years - Shar Dunlap
   30-Years - Mike Lydon