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The 2021 District 6000 annual conference, will be held on  April 24, 2021 at the Ankeny Courtyard Marriott.  This will be a “hybrid” event from 5-9:00 PM.  “Living the Five-Way Test” will be the theme for an evening of stories and fellowship with Rotarians around the District.  The evening starts with a social time with cash bar, followed by a meal of your choice and fellowship.  There will be stories, awards, an auction and a wonderful opportunity to meet Rotarians from other clubs and HAVE SOME FUN!  This is a chance to participate in a district event that requires only a short time Rotary commitment, and is cost friendly.

You can choose to attend in person or virtually.   In person attendance will include a social time, meal (4 choices) and the program.  The early bird price is $39.95, after March 15 it's $49.95.  This option will be limited to the first 140 registrations received, with the Marriott planning that attendees will physical distance with 6 people per table and wear masks when not eating and drinking.  The hybrid version is $25 per person for those more comfortable attending virtually.  All funds from virtual ticket sales will be divided equally between PolioPlus and Sukup Safe T Home.  Registration is available on the District Website:  You can either register online or by downloading the registration form and mailing it. 

Make your plans now to attend and join us for stories and fellowship about the Rotary expereince.

The Ankeny Golf & Country Club is in the process of completing some remodeling.  This includes tearing out the booths and updating the main dining room.   In addition, they have added an 85-inch TV on the wall in the banquet room where Rotary meetings are held.  We will be able use this TV for meetings.  By connecting our computer to it, we will not need a projector and screen.   A smaller TV has also been mounted on the wall in the Board room for presentations.
Brenda Wieneke was named the Rotarian of the month for the Rotary Club of Ankeny for the month for February.  This is in recognition for her acting as the Secretary for the Evening club for the past year.  In that capacity, she has assumed the responsibility for taking attendance and entering it into ClubRunner, entering speaker information, corresponding with members, and taking minutes t meetings.   Congratulations Brenda!! 
The Rotary Club of Ankeny is the US host for a Global Grant to build sanitation facilities for Early Childhood Development Centers across the communities surrounding Polokwane, South Africa.  This award was in the amount of $200,000.  This grant was originated through Blessman International.  Approval of this grant was received from Rotary International in October and the funding was completed in early November. The club donated $1,000 and facilitated funding of an additional $118,225 for this grant.  
Approval has now been received from Rotary International of a second grant originated by Blessman International.   This grant is for a total of $100,000 to sew and distribute 10,000 washable, reusable, menstrual health kits for impoverished young women in South Africa.  It will also fund training of 25 women to learn to sew to these kits. and then set up their own sewing businesses following completion of the grant.  The Rotary Club of Ankeny has committed $4,000 to this project.
A Sukup Safe T Home can sleep 10 or more people and feature a double-roofed system that displaces heat, a full-size, lockable steel door, two windows that can be locked from within and a water collection system.  The Safe T Home is built to withstand hurricane force winds and has a useful life of 75 years.  The cost of each home is $7,000 including delivery 
Donations from 18 members of the Club for the Sukup Safe T Homes project totaled $3,700.  With the match from the club for up to $3,500 the total donated for this project was $7,200.   In addition, Tim and Diana Hawkins have made a contribution of $7,000 to purchase a second home which will also be credited to the Rotary Club of Ankeny.
Thank you to Steve Wieneke for proposing this project and to everyone that made a contibution with a special thank you to Tim & Diana Hawkins.  
The village of Sae Sabona, situated in sub-Saharan Niger, is inhabited by 7,500 individuals who eke out a dry existence on a parched landscape with no rain for 10 months of the year. When the rain finally comes in the months of July and August, much of it is contaminated; but it is the villagers’ only source for drinking and bathing.
David Smith of The Rotary Club of Pagosa Springs, Colorado, described in a report how his club, working with Rotary Clubs in Vienna, Austria, and Niamey, Niger sponsored a well that provides water for drinking, bathing and irrigation for the people of Sae Sabona. The $70,000 project was funded in a Global Grant by TRF.   According to Smith, the 350-foot-deep well provides more than 1,000 gallons of clean water a day for the people. Aside from the health benefit, the well has opened a new source of livelihood for villagers. No fewer than 180 women from the community are growing high value crops such as tomatoes, onions and lettuce, on the irrigated land. Sale of these crops provides both income and food for their families. Smith admits that the Rotary Club of Pagosa Springs is pleased to be part of the three-continent project aimed at combating “deep poverty”. He stated that the motto of Rotary International, “Service above self,” applies to both individuals and communities.    
Vocational Service is one of Rotary’s Avenues of Service.
Through Vocational Service we:
  • Serve others by using our unique skills to address community needs
  • Empower others through training and skill development
  • Inspire others to act with integrity by following Rotary’s guiding principles (
As a member of the Ankeny Area Historical Society the The Rotary Club of Ankeny had the opportunity to purchase a brick during their "Memorial Brick Campaign".   For a $100 donation, the campaign offers the opportunity to have an engraved brick laid in the area around the Old School Bell, also know as the Parkview Bell, to be placed near the museum.  The Club's Board did approve the purchase of a brick which will be engraved with:
Ankeny Rotary Club
Serving Ankeny
Since 1973 
Members of the Evening Club made 16 blankets by cutting and tying material during their virtual meeting on  December 15th.  The blankets were then donated to "Warm Hearts Warm Beds".    This charity was founded in 2015 by Ben Huebsch, Associate Principal Parkview School in Ankeny, and his daughter Charlotte, after listening to a sermon one Sunday that discused fostering generosity towards children.  Charlotte and her sister had already been using their birthday money to purchase coloring books and crayons for children staying at Mercy Hospital and recalled receiving fleece blankets during the loss of their younger sister in 2013.  They decided to make blankets and distribute them to Mercy Hospital. They set a goal of making 15 blankets that first year but after receiving a grant, and the help of friends, they delivered 65 blankets.  This project has since grown beyond imagination. In 2019, 490 blankets were made and delivered to Mercy Hospital and in 2020, over $5,000 was raised and over 400 blankets were again delivered. 
Thank you to Renee Potts for putting the club in contact with Ben and Charlotte and organizing this service project.
Earlier this year, the Rotary Club of Ankeny agreed to be the US host for a global grant led by Blessman International to fund the construction of waterless toilets for Early Childhood Develoment Centers in the Limpopo District of South Africa.  The South African host club, the Rotary Club of Polokwane did the needs assesment and will provide the local overight.  A major donor of Blessman's was to provide the majority of the funding.  The total funding for this project will to be $200,000
Approval was received from the Rotary Foundation on October 28th and funding was completed on November 9th.  The club received $118,225 from Blessman International and the club then added our contribution of $1,000 to this amount and wired $119,225 to the Rotary Foundation.  Funding from District 6000 and the South African clubs have also been received and the Rotary Foundation made the first disbursement on this grant of $50,000 on December 11th.  We have been advised at least 11 toilet stalls have already been constructed.
While Covid-19 has singularly devastated the world, The Rotary Foundation has indeed prevented much suffering around the globe through numerous District Grants and its Global Grant program with its matching funds.  Rotarians in countless clubs are still focused on doing good in the world. There is no better way to end this tumultuous year than this excerpt from the Chair of TRF Trustees, K.R “Ravi” Ravindran:  
“The year-end holidays are upon us.  It is a time of giving and sharing, but it is not limited to our loved ones.  It is also for the people we have never met and will never see, for those who are not so fortunate as we and could use a helping hand.  The miracle of giving that Scrooge discovered on Christmas Eve is exactly what The Rotary Foundation does 365 days a year.  Our Foundation serves simultaneously as charity and performer in the field.  Rotarians are on the ground, volunteering their skills and business expertise in support of grants that are funded by you.  In this way, we carry out some of Rotary's most important work, such as protecting mothers and their babies and helping communities recover from the shocks of COVID-19.
Please, remember The Rotary Foundation during this season of generosity.  Remember that your gifts to the Foundation amplify our work in all areas of focus.  They are perpetuated, not just today but long after we are gone.  And the Foundation will continue to work its miracles in service to others tomorrow as long as we keep supporting it today.  On behalf of The Rotary Foundation Trustees, I thank you for sending your generous contribution to the Foundation.”
Due to continued uncertainty regarding the pandemic, the Rotary Club of Ankeny's 2021 "Raise the Stakes" fundraiser, has officially been postponed to October 16, 2021.   The FFA Enrichment Center has been reserved for this new date and the other vendors are being contacted to confirm their availability.   Many of the auction items that had been collected for our event last year have certificates that have already or will expire prior to year end 2021.  A list of these items has been forwardeed to all club members.   If you obtained an item with an expiration date, please contact the donor to obtain a new certificate or extention of the expiration date.  
At the November meeting, the Ankeny's Board approved a the club's support of District Governor Steve Dakin's goal to purchase several Sukup Safe T Homes to be built in various countries around the world and Steve Wieneke's challenge for members to match his contribution of $250.  Prior to year-end, the club had received $2,550 in donations from members.  With the club's match, a check was sent to Steve Dakin in the amount of $5,100 in mid-December, 2020.  Thank you to the members that have already contributed to this project.
Contributions may still be made with the club matching all contributions made by members through January 14, 2021 up to a total of $3,500.   If you wish to contribute to this project, mail your check, payable to the “Rotary Club of Ankeny”, to Rotary Club of Ankeny, ATTN: Jim Ramsey, Treasurer, 911 North Ankeny Blvd, Ankeny, IA 50023.   Please include the statement "Sukup Safe T Home Donation" on the memo line.  You will receive a receipt for this tax-deductible donation
The Safe T Homes can sleep 10 or more people and feature a double-roofed system that displaces heat, a full-size, lockable steel door, two windows that can be locked from within and a water collection system.  The homes are built to withstand hurricane force winds and have a useful life of 75 years.   You can find more information at this web site:
President Todd Wehr virtually inducted three new members into the Rotary Club of Ankeny on December 15, 2020.   Heidi Kramer is the new Director of U. S. Development for corporate member Blessman International.  Heidi will be the new Primary Designee.  Adam Boeding, a former member of the Rotary Club of Ankeny, will become the Primary Designee and Andy Pollock has applied to become a new Secondary Designee for corporate member Lincoln Savings Bank.  Doug Parker will move from the Primary Designee and become a Secondary Designee.  Laura Brassell will continue as a Secondary Designee.   Congratulations and welcome Heidi, Adam, and Andy!!
The following Ankeny Rotarians will celebrate birthdays in Janaury:
5th - Sarah Green
6th - Jack Pennington
15th - Jenna Lanning
20th  - Sally Schroeder
24th - Connor Stobbe
25th - Justin Carlton
27th - Jeff Damman
28th - Roger Spahr
31st - Jim Gocke
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